LOOKING BACK: Peterborough’s Park life and river views from 1959

Today’s pictures are all provided by Looking Back readers. Roger Stocks (75,) from Dogsthorpe, kindly sent in five views of Peterborough he took in 1959.

A Northamptonshire yeomanry 1915  by Peterborough Station

NOSTALGIA: Remembering Peterborough’s war heroes

The poignant centenary commemoration of the Battle of Passchendaele this week have reminded us all of the horrors of the Great War.

St John's Church, Stanground

NOSTALGIA: Can you fill in the historical gaps in these Peterborough photos?

Today’s Looking Back pictures are a random yet fascinating snapshot of yesteryear Peterborough.

Nostalgia 1
The Freemans story

The Freemans story - it’s The Peterborough equivalent of Made in Dagenham

Since 2008 Eastern Angles Theatre Company has made a name for itself by producing quirky and entertaining plays about the history of Peterborough, and involving local people in the creation of their shows. Their next project ‘Delivered by Freemans’ is no exception.

Can you identify these famous faces from Peterborough’s past?

Can you identify these famous faces from Peterborough’s past?

It’s quiz time for fans of our Nostalgia section!

1900s Central Park bandstand

NOSTALGIA: Peterborough’s gone but not forgotten structures

Central Park is one of the city’s best loved amenities, and has been since it was created in 1875.

Horse cabs at the Great Northern Hotel in Peterborough

NOSTALIGA: Familiar sights of changing Peterborough places

Today’s selection of pictures show several well-known city sites that have changed over the years, but still remain very recognisable.

BMF parade in the 1980's ENGEMN00120120929090512

NOSTALGIA: A look back at Peterborough on parade

Peterborough loves a good parade and today’s Looking Back pictures are a random selection of some very different events from our past.

John Prescott visits Peterborough with Helen Brinton and gets intercepted by Stuart Jackson

LOOKING BACK: The Peterborough campaign trail

Like Brenda from Bristol you can be forgiven if you are fed up with elections.

Looking back with Nigel

NOSTALGIA: Time please to celebrate Peterborough’s old pubs

The local pub always used to be at the centre of the community. Those days are long gone – unless you live in Albert Square or Weatherfield! – but pubs remain an integral part of our neighbourhoods.

Nostalgia 1
Henry the Train

NOSTALGIA: A look back at Nene Park – the jewel in Peterborough’s crown

Exciting plans to enhance and expand Nene Park were revealed in the Peterborough Telegraph a few weeks back.

Piera and Oreste Bianchi

Paramedic Paparazzo: A cuppa with the deli lady

My 1980 photo shows Piera and Oreste Bianchi, who moved from Italy to England in 1954 and initially worked at Oreste’s sister’s delicatessen in Bedford. They moved to Peterborough and opened their own Italian delicatessen in 1964, which sold cured meats, pasta, olive oils, wine and freshly ground coffee.

Opinion 1

Paramedic Paparazzo: Wool is her first love

Eileen King ran a wool stall at Peterborough market for 50 years.

BBQ 67 Jimi Hendrix crowd, Spalding ANL-140608-144421001

LOOKING BACK: An historic day for rock music

Fifty years ago a market town in Lincolnshire briefly became the centre of the rock ‘n’ roll universe.

competitors in a rowing regetta on the Embankment in 1948

NOSTALGIA: The importance of the River Nene to Peterborough through history

The River Nene has a special place in Peterborough history. It’s source is at Arbury Hill in Northamptonshire and its mouth is The Wash in Lincolnshire.

Nostalgia 1
Looking back with Nigel copies EMN-170905-103714009

NOSTALGIA: Smiles better in the last century Peterborough?

Today’s pictures all look like they could have been taken yesterday but in fact they all date from the last century... just!

 hobsons choice

NOSTALGIA: Can you put a name to these Peterborough faces?

As any local journalist worth his salt will tell you faces sell papers. So I’m hoping that today’s selection of pictures will do just that!

Nostalgia 1
Pictured 40 years ago is the all-conquering Eye United Sunday afternoon team. They were riding high at the top of the Sunday League Premier Division and this picture was taken after a 2-1 win over Stamford Tigers in the Advertiser Cup final at Chestnut Avenue. Defender Gary Williams got both Eye goals with Mick Parrott on target for Stamford. From the left are, back, Nick Carter, Tim Woodhouse, Steve Bliszczak, Dave Thomson, Dennis Wildman, Nicky Papworth, Steve Hurry, Choo Pearce, front, Micky Newstead, Geoff Biggs, Dick Leech, Dave Snart, Ian Bliszczak  and Gary Williams.

LOOKING BACK: Hall hits six of the best for title-chasing Yaxley

Yaxley hot-shot Tony Hall fired a double hat-trick as the Cuckoos beat Wisbech Reserves 8-3 to remain in the hunt for the Peterborough League Premier Division title 40 years ago.

Looking Back

NOSTALGIA: Golden age of the silver screen in Peterborough

Film fans will have been watching with interest as two rival plans emerged for new multiplex cinemas in Peterborough.

Memory Lane

NOSTALGIA PHOTO SPECIAL: Do you recognise these Peterborough faces?

This week’s selection of pictures is a random one, the only thing they have in common is that they are all group shots.

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