LOOKING BACK: Don’t be square, it’s the place to be

It seems everybody in Peterborough has a view on Cathedral Square. The centrepiece of the city centre it underwent a multi-million pound revamp a few years back which saw the controversial introduction of the fountains.

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LOOKING BACK: Ton-up Barry sees the old boys to victory

Pictured above 30 years ago is the Old Deaconians cricket team that beat Deacon’s School by 21 runs in the annual Huggard Trophy match. Barry Morris was the star of the show for the old boys as he made 100 not out in a total of 173-5.From the left are, back, Colin Davison, Norman Saltmarsh, Paul Stimpson, Martin Hings, Lionel Butler, Stuart Butler, Carol Jeffs, front, Lou Scott, Ian Chilvers, Paul Bowes, Dave McQuillen, Colin Slater and Barry Morris.

1955 Westwood train crash

LOOKING BACK: Lucky escape for train passengers

Peterborough is a proud railway city and a key stop on the East Coast main line, one of the most important transport links in the country.

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LOOKING BACK: It’s a Jubilee derailment

Pictured is the British Rail side beaten by Nenedale in the final of the Jubilee Shield competition at Bretton Gate 30 years ago.

Andy Plowright top-scored for Rail with 35 as they made 89-7 off their 20 overs. Nenedale won by eight wickets with nearly three overs left.

From the left are, back, Bob Feek, Dave Riches, Adrian Lee, A. Rashid, Graham Plowright, Andy Plowright, front, John Clifton, Gordon Rowell, Phil Marchant, Danny Horgan and Neil Pope.

Is this a Northam Star team? What was the trophy?

LOOKING BACK: Can you fill in the Northern Star blanks?

Peterborough Northern Star is a well known name on the local sporting scene and the club has been in touch as it is undergoing a project to document its history.

LOOKING BACK: More Jubilee joy for Nenedale

LOOKING BACK: More Jubilee joy for Nenedale

Pictured is the Nenedale cricket team after winning the Jubilee Shield 30 years ago for the fourth year on the trot.

Freemans Factory

NOSTALGIA: Peterborough’s places of work in times gone by

The world of work and commerce feature again in today’s selection of pictures.

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The elephant in the room at a Peterborough press ball.

LOOKING BACK: The elephant in the room

I’ve heard the phrase “elephant in the room’’ but I’d never seen the picture... until now! Emma Riley got in touch in the hope we can provide some answers about the picture which was taken at a Peterborough Press Ball.

The Isolation Hospital in Fengate

Trading on past glories...

Today’s selections of pictures include one of the city’s old Isolation Hospital (above left). The picture was taken in 1982 a year after it closed.If you look closely you can see some broken windows.

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Can you name these

three heads of the County Grammar School for Girls pictured   at the school's golden jubilee in 1954?

LOOKING BACK: Let’s hear it for the girls!

Education has undergone many changes since today’s pictures were taken – not least the fact that outside the private sector there are almost no single sex schools.

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LOOKING BACK SPORT: Barnack set a Rutland League record score 30 years ago

Pictured 30 years ago is the Barnack cricket team that set a new Rutland League record score of 296-8 in a Division One match against Oundle.

Looking back

LOOKING BACK SPORT: Captain on tee at Peterborough Milton Golf Club 30 years ago

Pictured 30 years ago is Peterborough Milton Golf Club captain Gill Johnstone with his family and club members on Captain’s Day.

The Dynatones who supported The Beatles when they played Peterborough.

Looking Back: Peterborough entertainers

Peterborough has a good representation in today’s pop music from former Jack Hunt schoolboys ex-JLS star Aston Merrygold and Keith Palmer aka Maxim Reality of The Prodigy to Erasure singer and former Dogsthorpe resident Andy Bell.

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A view of the Sessions House, possibly taken in the 1920s

Peterborough’s changing landscape

The Peterborough landscape has seen some significant changes in recent years.

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An aerial view looking north. Can you date the picture?

LOOKING BACK: A view north

This week’s Aerial View shows a recognisable but very different Peterborough from the one we know today.

Traders doing brisk business on Long Causeway. Can you date the picture?

LOOKING BACK: Long Causeway

Long Causeway has always been one of Peterborough’s oldest and prominent streets since its creation in the 12th century.

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LOOKING BACK: Fans for the memories - Posh faithful over the years

This week’s pictures focus on the faithful fans who support Posh through thick and thin –from a sunny Wembley to a night at a desolate London Road for a game with Chester.

Suited and booted.. Barry Fry with Posh players and officials in 1998, but why?

LOOKING BACK: Remembering Posh legends

The football season might be over for Posh fans, but this week’s pictures give the London Road faithful a chance to walk down Memory Lane.

The Broadway Kinema. When did it open?

Golden age of Peterborough’s silver screen

Cinemas are a hot topic in Peterborough with two major developments each bringing forward plans for a multiplex.

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The Queen at the East Of England Show. I wonder what the joke was?

LOOKING BACK: The Queen in Peterborough

Today is the Queen’s 90th birthday and city people will be joining the rest of the country in wishing her many happy returns.

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